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Sep 05, 2017

With aggressive decks dominating the previous qualifier, this deck comes prepared with answers to those decks, and at the same time, has the option of performing aggressive plays of its own. By having cards that provide card draw, it allows the player to constantly draw creature cards to keep up a relentless barrage of attacks and maintain a threatening board presence.


1            Standard of Tauris 
1            Shield of Logres 

1            Insignia of Olous 


4          Goblin Toestabber 
2          Sahrg, Renowned Bladesmith 
4          Ravian, Battlefield Shrieker 
4          Elegant Fencer 
3          Variable Assault Unit, Fuuma 
4          Plato Accomplished Scientist 
2          Dramph Tommar, Kingpin 
4          Bountiful Angel 

4          Sanctuary Enforcer 
3          Darion, Brutal Enforcer 
3          Sunscale Ascetic 
4          Elven Bladesmith 
3          E.M.P 
2          Dismantle 
3          Pyroblast 


1          Darion, Brutal Enforcer x1

1          Sunscale Ascetic x1

1          Variable Assault Unit, Fuuma x1

2       Izarco-Tvash, Born of Magma x2
2       Sahrg, Renowned Bladesmith x2
1       Pyroblast x1
2       Carefree Orc x2



Bountiful Angel, one of the cards that offer reliable card draw, fits snugly in an aggressive deck such as this, as you are almost guaranteed to activate its effect due to your sizable board state. This grants you more options for your following turn, ensuring that you take firm control of the game’s tempo by keeping your hand count at a comfortable number.


There are a few interesting Blue additions into this deck, such as Plato, Accomplished Scientist, which gives the player both a 2/4 creature, and an ambush for defense, all for the cost of 3. Plato is a strong early-game play, and leaves the player at a comfortable position going into his or her next turn.


When activated at the right moment, E.M.P renders an opposing fort vulnerable, and allows you to then destroy it with ease. It can also be a defensive play, to prevent your opponent from attacking further with creatures from one of their forts. Its double usage makes it a powerful inclusion in this deck.


Dramph Tommar, Kingpin acts as both a shield and a sword. With the ability to swap Dragoshield values, it can strengthen your defenses and at the same time, weaken your opponent and ultimately enable you to crush their defenses. When Dragocrossed, it increases all your Dragoshield values by 1. Doing so can benefit you in numerous ways, one of which is strengthening the effect of Pyroblast when activated.


Lastly, Variable Assault Unit, Fuuma allows the player to return an opposing creature back to the owner’s hand. Doing so on big threats or high-cost creatures will set your opponent back while giving you free rein to tackle the forts. This card allows you to take on both a defensive measure and an offensive play when the appropriate situation arises.


This deck’s sideboard contains an additional Darion, 1 Variable Assault Unit, Fuuma, 2 Sahrg, Renowned Bladesmith, and a Pyroblast, which are all meant to tackle extremely aggressive decks, though at the same time containing additional lower-cost creatures to keep up the pressure on your side of the field.


All in all, it is a well-balanced aggressive deck which aims to end the game as fast as possible that acknowledges the strength of the decks in the current scene while also having the counter-play options it might need in certain matchups. Great job and congratulations to the Thailand champion!

By Khor Yong Loon

Development Intern