Dragoborne Conqueror’s League

Oct 12, 2017

Greetings, Dragoborne! Matthew here from the development team, and I’m super excited to bring you more details on an exciting new league that we will be rolling out in the coming months - the Dragoborne Conqueror’s League.


So, first things first - what is the Dragoborne Conqueror’s League? This is a special league system where players are able to collect points over a set period of time by simply participating in weekly Dragoborne shop tournaments


That’s right - simply participating in the tournament will net you points, which will be recorded on special Conqueror’s League posters that will be distributed to all participating shops. The first League will last 8 weeks starting in November, and concludes at the end of December. At the end, the 3 players who have accumulated the most points will receive exclusive PR cards! Players with 20 points or more (excluding the top 3 players!) can participate in raffles for a chance to win one exclusive PR card.


Participation in each weekly tournament will net you 2 points, and each round that you win will give you an additional 2 points, while a draw or loss is worth 1 point. That means that as long as you’re playing, you’ll be working towards those coveted PRs! Do note that your points are unique to the shop you’re playing at; you can’t earn points at shop A, then bring them over to shop B and continue gathering points there.


So what exactly are these exclusive PRs that we’ll be giving out during the tournaments? We will be giving out an existing card from the latest sets, but with alternate artwork and with a special gold hotstamp, the Conqueror’s League logo, on it so you can boast of your exploits to your friends with this extremely exclusive card!


We’re barely a month away from the start of the League (and exactly a month away from the release of Reaper’s Gift and Oath of Blood!), so it’s high time to start preparing! See you guys at the battlefront!