Are you Confused?

Nov 23, 2017

After looking at the new product posters and comparing them to the product information on our website, do you have a niggling feeling that something is not quite right?

If that’s a yes, then we bow down to your acuity.

We made a slight boo-boo on the product posters for Trial Deck Vol. 5 [Nature’s Wrath] and Booster Pack Vol. 3 [Gears of Apocalypse] and would like to rectify that.

The product specifications on the physical posters are incorrect so do refer to the website for the actual product specifications!

Trial Deck Vol. 5 [Nature’s Wrath]:

Booster Pack Vol. 3 [Gears of Apocalypse]:

 We apologize for confusing you guys and will try to avoid this in future!