Nature's Allies

Feb 22, 2018

Though elves have already appeared in earlier booster sets, Gears of Apolocalypse and Nature’s Wrath introduces more support for the trait. With this, we can finally see the full extent of their power.

At their head stands Lady Luthiel Feanis. Her beauty and elegance have been perfectly portrayed by Steve Argyle, who happens to be one of my favorite artists. 

She is the head of an ancient elf family that is famous among the elves of Tir na Nog. While she deems Laelania’s nonviolent approach and stance against her enemies foolish, in the current war against Tauris, she has come to understand Laelania’s ideal, and assists her in defending their homeland. However, she is still willing to spill blood if it means both her people and homeland will be safe. 


Nature's Allies

Feb 22, 2018

Leading her fellow elves from her oaken throne, she sought to build up her forces to fight against the invaders of Tauris. When summoned, she calls upon another elf alongside her onto the field. Elves are known for their abilities that trigger when they enter the battlefield - for example, Favored Scholar. Summoning it via Lady Luthiel Feanis will still allow it to use its ability, which allows you to populate the board quickly by summoning yet another elf. You can even earn some flavor points by summoning Lady Luthiel through Laelania’s Call and save huge amounts of resources.

Removing her from the field will not be easy if she is protected by the power of Progenitor Dragon. If she is destroyed while Dragocrossed, you get to reveal the top of your deck, and if you find an elf there, Lady Luthiel returns to the battlefield and activates her ability again. Your opponent may find end up having to deal with even more defenders after attempting to remove one!

When elves band together, they are a force to be reckoned with. Untested Scout gives another elf +2/+2 if you revealed an elf card with its ability. Provided that you are playing an elf centric deck, doing so is not difficult, especially since you are revealing 2 cards from the top of your deck at once. The +2/+2 may be exactly what you need to take down your opponent’s Dragoshield or creature.

They also have a unique way of dealing with ambushes. Rather than outright destroying the ambush, Warfront Disenchanter “disarm” it by returning the ambush back to opponent’s hand.

To accelerate resource gain, Emissary of Flourishing’s ability reveals the top two cards of your deck, and lets you put an elf from among them into resource.

All the above cards have the ability to affect the field without the player losing cards in hand. The ability resolves with players revealing cards from the top of the deck, and then putting them to bottom deck. This helps to know what cards are still available in the next draw hence allowing some prediction and planning.

Not all battles fought are meaningless. Valiant Knight-Errant makes sure that no elves are sacrificed in vain. For each other elf that was destroyed, you will get to draw a card, ensuring a healthy number of cards in hand. As elves are mostly low-cost, replacing them is a simple task.

While elves are quick to the call for defense, you may sometimes find them lacking in attack power. Being low-cost also means that they have lower stats compared to high-cost creatures. The other inhabitants of Tir na Nog are allies of the elves as well, covering for that difference. While the elves defend against early attacks, bigger creature like Gravos, Lord of the Loam or Ghis, Unending Fury will soon make their appearance and decisively end the battle.

There are a few other elves in Dragoborne that are not mentioned here and will certainly work out in an elf deck. Will you be able to unleash the power of elven unity when the new booster set hits?

By Jonathan Tan

Developer, Dragoborne -Rise to Supremacy-