event coverage


Oct 11, 2017

The Brother’s Grim New York Shop Qualifiers have just concluded over the weekend, and today we are presented with another variation on the tried-and-true recipes that feature red and green as the primary colors of the deck. Truly a bane for the opponent, this deck focuses on crippling your opponent’s advance while bolstering your own growth.


1            Standard of Tauris
1            Curse of Niflheim
1            Runemark of Tir na Nog


2          Ravian, Battlefield Shrieker
4          Goblin Madcap
2          Lady Valistra, Bloodlines Tormented
4          Wandering Apparition  
2          Izarco-Tvash, Born of Magma
4          Carefree Orc
2          Eleanor, Queen of Storm
4          Redfang, Born Leader
3          Stormbranch, Knowledge of Ages
2          Nature's Touch
2          Growing Touch
3          Fafneer, Volatile Fire  
3          Earthcrack
2          Shadowcrest the Subjugator
2          Midnight Visitor
2          Sinister Festering Stringman
3          Flesh Shredder
2          Cavalier Nosferatu
2          Grave Champion
3          Death Trap


2          Eleanor, Queen of Storm
1          Lady Valistra, Bloodlines Tourmented
1          Nature's Touch
1          Shadowcrest the Subjugator
1          Flesh Shredder
3          Death and Decay
1          Sinister Festering Stringman



The deck packs the resource acceleration package of Redfang, Born Leader and Growing Touch, cards which quickly allow the player to populate the board with 4 to 5 cost creatures. With the amount of resource acceleration that comes in from the top of the deck, sometimes you’ll find that key cards end up in the resource zone - hence the inclusion of Stormbranch, Knowledge of Ages, whose ability can pick up cards that end up in the resource zone.

One unique inclusion in the deck is Grave Champion, a card that requires the player to forfeit one of his creatures in order to force the opponent to lose one of theirs. Goblin Madcap and Sinister Festering Stringman are pretty obvious choices as you do get some added value but if you’re already looking to end the game, then Shadowcrest the Subjugator or a Dragocrossed Izarco-Tvash, Born of Magma is a solid pick as well.

With a notable amount of black creatures present, Midnight Visitor becomes a viable threat, capable of taking down even 6-cost creatures if you have a board consisting of only black creatures.

Fafneer, Volatile Fire and Lady Valistra, Bloodlines Tormented are the other tools that can be used to clear the field, but what better follow-up to crush your opponent’s game plan than to force him to discard cards? After using spells like Earthcrack and effect damage/destruction abilities to deal with the creatures, Flesh Shredder can be played to reduce your opponent’s hand, forcing them to rely on their top deck and barriers.

Even with Carefree Orc and Ravian, Battlefield Shrieker included to deal with aggressive advances, it might not be enough against incredibly fast starts. As such, the sideboard has Death and Decay to deal with highly aggressive matchups. More copies of Eleanor, Queen of Storm are also included to deal with the ambush-heavy matchup. The other choices serve to tackle a more control-style play, with the tools to destroy high-costed or high-threat creatures that are generally hard to remove, such as Aquatic Battle Unit, Hydra or Sunscale Dragon.

The deck aims to constantly put the player at an advantage, and seems like it is well capable of doing that. Kudos to the New York Qualifiers’ winner!