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Oct 03, 2017

The Dragoborne qualifiers in the North America region are going strong, with a diverse range of decks achieving victory at different locations! Today, we will be focusing on the winner’s deck from the Texas Qualifier held at Dragon’s Lair Austin.


1            Runemark of Tir na Log
1            Curse of Niflheim
1            Insignia of Olous 


4          Expedition Merfolk 
4          Cavalier Nosferatu 
4          Fleetwing Sprite 
3          Terraxx, Earthshaker  
4          Vrrglsk, Plunderer of the Deep  
1          Fafneer, Volatile Fire 
3          Offering of Souls  
4          Chromatic Disturbance 
3          E.M.P. 
3          Death and Decay  
4          All Guns Blazing 
4          Growing Touch
4          Gluttony of Albert  
1          Shieldbreaker 
4          Rejuvenate 


2          Flesh Shredder 
4          Mischievous Sprite
3          Mindflayer Demon
1          Death and Decay



One card that has been the object of Dragoborne players’ attentions is Offering of Souls. Some view it as a last ditch attempt to squeeze out a win, while other feels that if used properly, it is a key piece that can end the game upon use.

Costed at 10, Offering of Souls is a huge spell that can only be played naturally at turn 7 (if you’re going second). So, it comes as no surprise that the deck runs Fleetwing Sprite and Growing Touch to accelerate resource growth in the early game. While setting up for Offering of Souls, the deck has multiple defensive option such as E.M.P. and Death and Decay. E.M.P. in particular can become an offensive card on the turn before you play Offering of Souls.

The deck itself does not focus on playing the biggest, meanest creatures in the game right now, with only Terraxx, Earthshaker and a lone copy of Fafneer, Volatile Fire at the top of the creature curve. It aims to disable opponent’s defensive options instead and getting the crucial hits in. All Guns Blazing, Shieldbreaker and E.M.P. are used to achieve that.

Vrrglsk, Plunderer of the Deep and Cavalier Nosferatu both serve the same purpose in the deck. After playing Offering of Souls, you’ll often find that certain cards you need end up in the discard pile. These 2 cards will help get back what is needed at that point in time. Rejuvenate, for example, is the perfect pick up, as it will allow you to draw more cards to close out the game.

The sideboard is crafted primarily with ambushes in mind. With Mischievous Sprite, the deck can make short work of any ambushes blocking the path to victory. An additional Death and Decay is present to deal with decks that have lots of cost 2 or below creatures - especially red and yellow creature based decks that seek to force damage in as fast as possible.

Being able to play out any card for free is tempting, but one must remember that failing to close out the match on that turn will cost you the game. This is especially true with a Fort Bursted Tariel, High Priestess being a constant threat from yellow decks. While this deck may have Offering of Souls in it, it still can run well without it, employing the same strategy of disabling the opponent’s defense and getting attacks in, albeit while paying the cost of your cards normally.

This is an interesting deck that will certainly garner some discussion among the players, myself included. I can’t wait to see what other ideas that players can come up with!

By Jonathan Tan

Developer, Dragoborne -Rise to Supremacy-