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Oct 05, 2017

The tournaments are heating up, and as we inch closer to the finals it is always interesting to see how the competitive scene develops and grows as the game continues to mature and grow. Today, we are excited to delve into the deck-list of the winner of Illinois’ Qualifiers!


1            Shield of Logres
1            Standard of Tauris
1            Runemark of Tir na Log 


4          Darion, Brutal Enforcer
4          Fleetwing Sprite 
2          Mischievous Sprite
2          Ravian, Battlefield Shrieker  
4          Kingslayer Bee
4          Tariel, High Priestess
1          Eleanor, Queen of Storm
4          Doomfire Avatar 
2          Sunscale Dragon
3          Fafneer, Volatile Fire
3          Remus, Hunter Adept
4          Izarco-Tvash, Born of Magma  
2          Terraxx, Earthshaker
2          Replenish the Ranks
3          Goblin-made Avalanche
4          Growing Touch
2          Chromatic Disturbance


1          Eleanor, Queen of Storm
2          Nature's Touch
3          Earthcrack
4          Harpy Embermage



The creatures capable of dealing significant damage are all high-costed, and their inclusion means that a playset of each Fleetwing Sprite and Growing Touch is definitely called for - a trend we have seen for all decks that aim to finish the game with large creatures, though some players prefer to run Redfang, Born Leader instead of Growing Touch.

In order for the deck to hold out until the finishers can be played, there are various ambushes and spells included in the list that help to control the board and prevent the opponent from amassing too large of an advantage. 3 copies of Goblin-made Avalanche are included in the main deck to deal with small-creature aggro, and fort burst cards such as Darion, Brutal Enforcer and Tariel, High Priestess are used to stall out the game and get rid of any early threats. Remus, Hunter Adept plays a crucial role as well, as it can help you recover some lost barriers, keeping you alive while you prepare your counterattack.

Mischievous Sprite and Eleanor, Queen of Storm help to pave the way for the finishers, getting rid of ambushes to ensure that your creatures are able to go in for the kill without interruption. Now, are these finishers really worth all this investment? I'm sure by now everyone can agree that it is. When faced with an overwhelming board state, Izarco-Tvash, Born of Magma allows you to fortify your defenses, while simultaneously allowing you to deal with some of the threats. While Izarco-Tvash, Born of Magma can act as a defensive tool to get rid of opposing creatures, Fafneer, Volatile Fire allows you to just go to town on your opponent's forts right off the bat. Sunscale Dragon and Replenish the Ranks provided much-needed draw power to ensure you pick up those big hitters, and coupled with the ability of attacking a second time if it destroys a Dragoshield, Sunscale Dragon is a fearsome threat itself, being able to dish out that extra damage to a fort and often survives combat with its massive 7 endurance. With the annihilation of opposing creatures and Dragoshields, Terrax, Earthshaker can now be used to its fullest potential, and dealing double damage to forts.


One interesting choice that we haven't seen often is the inclusion of Harpy Embermage in the sideboard, a great card that can deal with opposing creatures with low endurance. An additional Eleanor, Queen of Storm is present to deal with ambush-heavy decks, while Nature’s Touch helps to bring back your high cost creatures for added value! When facing against a midrange aggressive deck, Earthcrack can be brought in to help deal with these relentless attacks from sizeable creatures.


All in all, a well-thought out deck with the potential to rise among the top of the ranks!

By Khor Yong Loon

Development Intern