My 5 Favorite Cards from Oath of Blood

Nov 23, 2017

Everyone has their favorites. Each player, depending on their personality and their preferences, will find a certain type of card more appealing than others.

Me, I like playing with decks focused on exploiting the strength of one or two cards to the extreme, and building an entire shell around making it work, rather than specifically wanting to build into an archetype. My top choices today generally have these traits, with potential synergies in the deck that give it a central theme or style of play.

5. Wings of the Sunscale

Boasting a nice 4/4 stat line for 4 cost, Wings of the Sunscale brings to the table a powerful draw ability with a minor restriction that, upon a second look, actually rewards players for being aggressive with the cards they have in their hand. It also has a Dragocross ability that pumps it up to 6 ATK, allowing it to punch through Dragoshields with impunity.

The two main takeaways from this card is that it lets you discard cards and draw cards with the same ability, similar to Elven Bladesmith. A clear synergy target, then, is Sunscale Swordsman, whose Dragocross ability allows it to put itself to Stand each time you draw a card. Elven Bladesmith can help you buff Sunscale Swordsman as it attacks, and if the Swordsman doesn’t take anything down with its attack, you can use Wings of the Sunscale to draw cards and Stand it for another attack. Elven Bladesmith also helps you bring the number of cards in your hand down to 4, so you can benefit fully from Wings of the Sunscale’s ability. If you discarded a yellow card with Elven Bladesmith, you even get to Stand Sunscale Swordsman at the end of your turn!

The discard portion of the ability can also help to fill your discard pile for decks that care about that. Machine decks may find space for this, perhaps, or maybe even The Researcher decks will use it to fill the discard pile with spells as it digs through its deck for hits.

4. Ferocity Unleashed

I talked about this card a little in a Dragobites episode and highlighted the main ways you can use this card already, but I still have to give it a mention here. Seriously, who doesn’t like free stuff?

The great thing about Ferocity Unleashed is its versatility; decks with large amounts of low-cost creatures can use this to instantly fill their board with three dudes, and there are a great many powerful cost 3 or less creatures available already. The fear, of course, is hitting an additional copy of this card in your top three, but the benefit is well worth the risk.

Decks with a great number of spells can also use this to great effect, especially with new removals like Sudden Eruption and Supreme Brutality being so aggressively costed. A number of spells from Rally to War would also be great targets, like Hidden Arts, Water’s Edge Shuriken (if you have a board presence), Goblin-made Avalanche and Rejuvenate. In this respect, as more sets get released, the more powerful Ferocity Unleashed has the propensity to be.

3. The End of Tides

It’s big, it’s flashy, and it’s a mechanical kraken. Do I need to say anything else? 10/10 would play.

2. Hrist of the Infernal Blades

Hrist is one of those cards I looked at and knew I’d definitely like to build around it. It’s not difficult to, either, since she more or less already requires you to play a vast majority of cost 2 or less creatures for it to work.

Incidentally, a Hrist deck that has green as one of its banners can definitely consider including Ferocity Unleashed. For 5 resources and 1 spell, you’ll get to fill your field with 3 dudes, and if you hit at least one Hrist in the three, your field gets even more menacing - and god forbid you land more than one.

Another neat little trick to remember is that Hrist can allow you to attack more than 6 times in a turn, like Sunscale Dragon, Sunscale Swordsman (to a certain extent) and Aquatic Battle Unit, Hydra before it. The only downside is that you’ll have to stomp over guys that are already out on the field, but if it helps you get the finishing blow in, it’s definitely worth the waste.

1. Necros, the Unending

A 3/3 costed for 5 sounds awful, but no one is about to try playing Necros normally (not willingly, anyway). No, the best way to use Necros is by cheating him into play with his inbuilt ability. A 3/3 for 0 sounds much better, doesn’t it?

This brings us back to our first card, Wings of the Sunscale. Necros turns cards like Wings of the Sunscale or Elven Bladesmith from mere card replacement into actual advantage. Any other card effect that requires you to discard cards becomes far more potent, as you don’t actually lose the card.

In addition, Necros can return itself to your hand when he dies, granted only if he’s Dragocrossed with a black die. If you have multiple copies of Necros on the field, you’ll only be able to return one Necros to your hand at a time… unless you have Angelica, The Light of Logres sitting around with a black Dragocross on her somewhere on your field. This becomes a huge headache for your opponent; even if he sweeps your board with some form of removal, each copy of Necros returns to your hand for deployment in a later turn.

And that’s it for my favorite cards! I hope you guys have found your favorites by now and are having fun with brewing and tweaking your decks with those cards.

By Matthew Lee
Developer, Dragoborne -Rise to Supremacy-