What to Expect from Nature’s Wrath and Gears of Apocalypse

Dec 15, 2017

Nature’s Wrath and Gears of Apocalypse are the latest releases for Dragoborne -Rise to Supremacy- due for release February 9, 2018, so it’s high time we talked a bit more about the upcoming set!

Nature’s Wrath

Elves reside in both Logres and Tir na Nog, and the alliance between nations has reunited the ancient race. Together, they will weather the storms of war.

This product comes with a constructed deck ready for play without any modifications or additions, including dice, banners, and a paper playmat!

Gears of Apocalypse

Alliances are starting to crumble as the war reaches its peak. The sinister Abyss Lord seems to be plotting something, and the War Lord’s armies are on edge for fear of betrayal. In the other camp, the Gaea Lord wishes to end the war and prevent further bloodshed, while the Holy Lord believes that no evildoer can be spared in his purge. Meanwhile, the Rune Lord’s machinations have finally begun to bear fruit.

After a near brush with death, Axel takes Grousk’s words to heart, and resolves to become stronger. On his journey, he encounters a few unique individuals…

Gears of Apocalypse expands on the previous releases while adding a new theme for players to build around! Will you support the elves of Logres and Tir na Nog, or does the cult of goblins worshipping dark forces suit your style better? Perhaps the mechanized contraptions are more your thing? If you found any of those descriptions exciting, then you’re in for a treat.

How much of a treat? A here-you-go-a-new-card-preview much of a treat.

All previous draw spells have been pretty hefty resource-wise, so a new option for trait-based decks should be a great addition to your lineup. Sure, there’s an additional cost, but it also stops you from decking out (if that actually becomes a problem in the future) and it should be no problem after a few turns.

Hope you guys aren’t getting bored of Secret cards yet, but Gears of Apocalypse will have them too!

Gears of Apocalypse Sneak Preview

Join us for the sneak preview event one week before release! Innovate and explore new cards as you build a deck just for the event, and you stand to walk away with an exclusive playmat! Quick reminder: cards you get in the sneak preview event can only be used in official sanctioned tournaments after the official release date of the expansion.

Gears of Apocalypse Battlegrounds

The Battlegrounds event will begin once again after the release of Gears of Apocalypse! As usual, you’ll be getting PR cards for participation, and special playmats are up for grabs!
The card of the day for the upcoming releases have already gone up as well, so watch this space for more updates and spicy card previews~

By Matthew Lee
Developer, Dragoborne -Rise to Supremacy-