January Shop Tournament 2019

-For all participants-

-Winner PR-

Tournament Period January 2019
Shop Listing
Tournament Format Best of 1 or Best of 3
Tournament Time

50 minutes (Best of 3)

Extra 3 turns when time is up followed by sudden death

Deck Construction Rules
  • Main Deck
    • The main deck must consist of 50 cards or more.
    • Up to 4 copies of each card with the same name (including the sideboard for Best of 3 format).
  • Sideboard
    • Players may have a sideboard for a Best of 3 format.
    • The sideboard must consist of no more than 10 cards.
    • Players are allowed to modify their deck with their sideboard after games 1 and 2 of a round.
    • After sideboarding, the main deck must be a legal deck (i.e. have 50 cards or more)
    • Before the start of each round, players must return their main deck and sideboard to the original state.