It all began with the
death of the Progenitor Dragon.

The omnipotent dragon died peacefully, and from its divine form the world of Vashr was sired, as well as a pantheon of gods, the embodiments of the world’s natural laws. The gods blessed the world by creating spirits who were responsible for populating the world, and these spirits in turn blessed the world with the seeds of life. A myriad of creatures of various races and species began to flourish and migrate to all corners of the land. Among those creatures, 5 stood above all the rest. These 5 individuals had power far greater than any other on Vashr, and they each bore a mark on their body. They became known as Dragolords, chosen descendants of the legendary Progenitor Dragon who each bore a portion of the great creature’s power. Thus began the battle for supremacy between the Dragolords, as each of them desired to attain more power for themselves. In the wake of their cataclysmic battles, the world of Vashr was torn apart; the earth itself was rent, and some species were even driven into extinction. To prevent further destruction, the Dragolords struck an agreement: they would each found their own nation and recruit their own armies, and let the battles between those nations decide the victor among them. The races who served the Dragolords were protected, and were given a portion of the mighty descendant’s power. Due to this, other beings bearing a mark similar to those that the Dragolords possessed began to appear. Each of these beings had their own goals and ideals, and as news of their exploits spread throughout the land their power and influence grew to rival even the Dragolords themselves. These warriors became known as the Dragoborne. And now, at the dawn of a new age of war, a new Dragoborne steps forward, eager to carve their own legend into the annals of Vashr’s bloodstained history.

Do you have what it takes to wield the power of the Dragon?